I think that today our only salvation must not pass through the pocket of the taxpayer, nor through international begging. Several urgent solutions are needed, and which will allow the State to drain considerable funds and liquidity I will not draw up an exhaustive list or do an in-depth analysis, but I will give some ideas to throw the light on the main measures to be taken in the emergency in which the country finds itself, mainly:

1- Rationalize imports, immediately stop the importation of superfluous products, which will immediately improve the balance of payments. Unlike the complete failure of the devaluation measure taken previously, the results of such a measure will be felt immediately.

2- Impose wealth tax. It is in no way a measure of distancing but of bringing together, and the achievement of greater social harmony, the only guarantee of social peace. When work no longer allows access to a better life but just reaping misery, social harmony is indeed broken. Social, regional and even sectoral cleavages are widening and pushing the people into poverty to create social conflicts.

These are the principles of the new world economic order based on the system of two weights and two measures, two laws, two-speed justice system, for fiscal and economic social justice between the different social classes.

Two weights and two measures for employees and business leaders.

The system of double standards for justice appears clearly, when justice, if one can really say the same, subjects to its laws only the poor citizen while according to the constitution, justice is the same for all. When the average citizen is forced all the way, of procedures by any form of regulation, law; taxation, and a privileged class revel in total impunity, socioeconomic terrorism sets in, social injustice does the rest to mitigate the “living together” at the work of citizenship.

Socio-economic terrorism results in the crumbling of the middle class, the widening of the poor class to include the majority of civil servants employed in the public sector, professors, engineers, doctors, journalists, all those who perceive a salary. The two-tier justice system or rather socioeconomic injustice is also manifested by the fact that these heavily taxed “withholding” taxpayers, which would justify an improvement in the quality of public services, this translation of the extension of class poverty of salaried workers, and their increasingly difficult access to quality public services While the increasingly heavy taxation of the taxpayer, the average Tunisian should be justified by an improvement in the quality of public services, it is not the case, on the contrary, the public services; health, education, transport become of very poor quality. The increasingly increasing disengagement of the state, in favor of privatizations, is also another principle of the new world economic order which applies through the recommendations of the IMF

3- Temporarily suspend the ALECA agreements and remove all franchises whose only result has been the dismantling of several agricultural and industrial sectors which at one time represented the flagship of Tunisian industry. Several western ready-to-wear and fast food brands are setting up everywhere in Tunisia. In addition to favoring society unsuited to the standard of living of the Tunisian household, it develops unfair competition between these foreign companies benefiting from a battery of advantages with Tunisian companies in the industrial, agricultural or service sectors.

The establishment of these brands not only initiated a deindustrialization movement, several SMIs had to put the key under the doormat, but were at the origin of the stop of industrial investments and, of projects creating jobs for our young graduates.

4- Lower immediately the average money market rate, to bring it back to no more than 2%. This fall should be avoided in any form of economic calculation to submit to the principle of the Welfare State.

More than ever, in fact, and following the example of what happened after the crisis of 1929 under the name of “Welfare State” in the United Kingdom, the United States and the Scandinavian countries, our country needs an extension of the field of intervention and regulation of the State, in particular by the imposition of a new system of compulsory deductions for the benefit of greater tax equity, , greater social justice and for the benefit of the most disadvantaged.

The « Welfare State » is founded on solidarity between different social classes and the search for social justice. This will certainly result in greater efficiency both socially and economically, the latter resulting in the fact that the increase in income will activate one of the levers of economic growth, namely consumption, thus generating a virtuous circle. , so coveted by economists.

To conclude, I would say that the current government is faced with the choice of a model of society, a mode of operation of the economy more focused on the social aspect and defending the welfare state which is opposed to neoliberalism, which shows more and more its limits. The current model of society, defended by neoliberalism, dominated by capitalism, is based on exploitation, institutionalized, and for good reason, the resulting social classes. This model has indeed for its trademark poverty, social injustice, misery, precariousness. Really, we will have to rethink the social link and develop alternatives to the current social arrangements that are highly detrimental to the community. Corona will certainly make us think, on the priorities to be established from now on, to give more importance to research and development, to health ….. to the way the economy operates, to the model of society, …. etc. Corona will certainly do everything to us rethink, re-read everything


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